Welcome to East Bay Waltz

East Bay Waltz is a casual social dance held each month on the second Saturday, featuring mostly waltz and cross-step waltz, with polka, swing, schottische, and latin dances thrown in to mix things up.

Every month, there is a class for beginners and a class for more experienced dancers, each running simultaneously from 7-9 p.m. Then, there's DJ'd social dancing and fun times from 9-midnight. $12 gets you the lesson and dance, or $8 for just the dance.

Come by yourself, or with a friend, or a crowd. People of all ages are welcome. Dress in jeans and a t-shirt, or dress up all fancy-like if you've the inclination.

We dance at the Finnish Hall in Berkeley:
1970 Chestnut St (at University), Berkeley, CA.

The next dance will be Saturday, November 8, 2014 – Bohemian National Polka!

Lessons: 7 - 9 p.m.
Dancing: 9 p.m. - midnight

The introductory class will be on rotary waltz, which is so important that it's usually just called the "waltz". Alan and Bob teach. No experience or partner necessary!

The intermediate class will be on how to pivot in polka, and in particular, that choreographed polka with pivots: the Bohemian National Polka! (If you want totally optional prep work, you can find the choreography here: http://socialdance.stanford.edu/syllabi/BNP.htm) Monica and Sam teach.

From 9-midnight will be our dance party. This month we're happy to welcome back DJ Diane Nesom.

No East Bay Waltz in December!

Like every year, there will be no EBW in December! The Finnish Hall is busy with some December-related Finnish business of some variety. Find many of us at the Dickens Fair instead!

The next-next dance will be Saturday, January 10, 2015!

Dates for the rest of 2015:

Saturday, January 10
Saturday, February 14
Saturday, March 14
Saturday, April 11
Saturday, May 9
Saturday, June 13
Saturday, July 11
Saturday, August 8
Saturday, September 12
Saturday, October 10
Saturday, November 14
(no dance in December, since the hall is busy)
Saturday, January 9, 2016 (hey, that's 2016!)

East Bay Waltz takes place in the wonderful Berkeley Finnish Hall at 1970 Chestnut Street in Berkeley. The Hall is a 7 to 10 minute walk from the North Berkeley BART Station and is easily accessible by the 51 Bus.

1970 Chestnut Street
Berkeley, CA 94702

We have a wide variety of teachers from all sorts of different backgrounds who teach on occasion.

MacKenzie Stuart

MacKenzie Stuart is a teacher, dancer and DJ with a love of Irish, English, waltzing and other vintage dances. Comfortable with classes from six to sixty students, she teaches Irish weekly at the Alameda Ceili and has also enjoyed teaching beginning waltz. She performs with the Vintage Invaders as well as the Merrie Pryanksters. Look for her running out onto the floor for a hambo or calling a polka set at dance events across the Bay Area.

Bob Galloway

Bob Galloway started social dancing in 2007, when Ms. Stuart and two other excellent people dragged him into and through a 4-Hand Reel. It wasn't long before he was waltzing, polkaing, schottisching, jigging, lindying, chachaing, bluesing, etceteraing, and recategorizing his music collection by dance type. He DJs for Vintage Invasion, Friday Night Waltz, and EBW, dances at many of the Bay Area's fine waltz, swing, Irish, and blues parties, and can be found (politely) dragging strangers onto Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig's dance floor at Dickens Fair. Bob enjoys dancing with newcomers and old hands alike, as a lead or follow, so ask him to dance!

Kathy Lowy

Kathy Lowy has been a dancer since the age of 4, when she started ballet. She taught ballet for 3 years, and is venturing into the world of teaching vintage ballroom. She began ballroom dancing with Fezziwig's 2 years ago and fell in love with it at once. You can find her out dancing most nights of the week. (Image credit: Dave Price)

Anthony Argyriou

Anthony has been dancing Irish ceili and vintage ballroom dance since the mid-90s, dancing at Fezziwig's Warehouse at the Dickens Fair since 2000, and has picked up a smattering of other dance styles since then, and has been DJing since 2007. His musical tastes in dance music are pretty eclectic since nobody played waltzes when he was in high school. Teal cupcake not included.

Christophe Taylor

Christophe Taylor picked up dancing while an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley and has been addicted ever since he first took a Tango class there. He has competed in International Syllabus Dansport, performed at PEERS and with the Can Cannibals, and is also a member of Fezziwigs, the ballroom dancing group at Dickens Fair. Now, he teaches a weekly dance class in Oakland at the Sunshine Biscuit Factory and performs regularly with the burlesque troupe - the Can Cannibals.


Todi has been teaching and dancing for a long, long time. Check out this article from her days at Yale: http://www.yale.edu/opa/arc-ybc/v27.n26/story8.html

Sam Simmons

Sam Simmons is well versed in Balboa, Blues, Can-Can, Cha-Cha, (Lindy/Tandem) Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Cross-Step Waltz, Danse Macabre, East Coast Swing, English Country, Foxtrot, Gallop, Hambo, Hustle, Irish Ceili, Jitterbug, Jive, Lindy Hop, Maxixe, Mazurka, Merengue, Morris, Nightclub Two-Step, One-step, Polka, Redowa, Rumba, Salsa, Samba, Schottische, Scottish Country, Tango, Valse, Varsovienne, Waltz (Shadow, Rotary, Viennese, Hesitation, Reverse), West Coast Swing, 20's Charleston, and probably a few others.

In addition to teaching & DJing, Sam performs with the girls of Le Cancan Bijou and The Deco Belles. In his copious spare time (sic) he can also be found rock climbing around the bay and studying aerial arts (rope/tissu/trapeze).

The evening begins with either a basic dance class for beginners and those new to dance, or an intermediate class for those who want to build up their dance skills.

During the dance, water and light refreshments will be available. There is a coat rack available for use and chairs available to relax and socialize.

Below is a sample set list of music and dances for an evening

Set 1

  1. The Chase - Emer Kenny - Cross-Step Waltz (121 bpm)
  2. Shady - Vermillion Lies - Polka (125 bpm)
  3. Morivivi-Mazurca Jibaro - Mary Lea & Friends - Mazurka (150 bpm)
  4. Chain of Fools - Aretha Franklin - West Coast Swing/Cha Cha (118 bpm)
  5. Something To Say - Toad The Wet Sprocket - Rotary Waltz (163 bpm)
  6. Oo Poppa Do - Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers - Swing (167 bpm)
  7. J'Envoie Valser - Zazie - Cross-Step Waltz (120 bpm)
  8. Findeborgen - The Latter Day Lizards - Rotary Waltz (168 bpm)
  9. Mr. Bassman - The Muppets - One-Step (128 bpm)
  10. The Clock Stopped - KGB - Cross-Step Waltz Mixer (112 bpm)

Set 2

  1. Jump - Nerina Pallot - Rotary Waltz (170 bpm)
  2. Milongueando en el '40 - Luis Bravo - Tango (137 bpm)
  3. I'm Yours - Jason Mraz - Schottische (151 bpm)
  4. Enchantment - Christ Spheeris - Cross-Step Waltz (102 bpm)
  5. If You're Going Through Hell (Before the Devil Even Knows) - Rodney Atkins - Polka/Hustle (117 bpm)
  6. The Doctor and the Dancer - Benjamin Winter - Rotary Waltz (153 bpm)
  7. Bird In The Tree - Solas - Contra Dance (120 bpm)
  8. Todas las Palabras (All the Words) - The Idan Raichel Project - Cross-Step Waltz (115 bpm)
  9. Cries And Whispers - Yeong-wook Jo - Rotary Waltz (161 bpm)
  10. Dim, Dim the Lights (I Want Some Atmosphere) - Bill Haley and His Comets - Swing (144 bpm)
  11. Congress of Vienna Waltz - Original Unknown - Congress of Vienna (162 bpm)

Set 3

  1. Scarborough Fair - Laura Light And George Paul - Rotary Waltz (154 bpm)
  2. La Bomba - Ricky Martin - Salsa (99 bpm)
  3. Love Is the End - Keane - Cross-Step Waltz (110 bpm)
  4. Stand in the Rain - Superchic[k] - Fast Waltz (182 bpm)
  5. Red Light Fever - Liz Phair - NC Two-Step (89 bpm)
  6. Jessica's / Martin O'Connor's Polkas - Fresh Fish - Polka (136 bpm)
  7. The Church Of What's Happening Now - Sia - Cross-Step Waltz (114 bpm)
  8. What Did I Do With That Thinga-Ma-Jig - Canote Brothers - Swing (165 bpm)
  9. Mikol Ha'ahavot (Of All The Loves) - The Idan Raichel Project - Rotary Waltz (145 bpm)
  10. Bohemian National Polka - Vintage Unknown - BNP (106 bpm)
  11. Chihiro no waltz - Jo Hisaishi - Cross-Step Waltz (110 bpm)

Set 3.5

  1. Wade in the Water - Eva Cassidy - Blues/Swing (116 bmp)

Set 4

  1. Santimami├▒eko Fandangoa & Ioaeoe - Kepa Junkera - Redowa Waltz (145 bpm)
  2. Una musica brutal - Gotan Project - Tango (108 bpm)
  3. 'Tit Galop - Rue La-La - Zweifacher (WWP) (182 bpm)
  4. Two Rivers - Laura Light And Friends - Cross-Step Waltz (121 bpm)
  5. Zombie Jamboree - Rockapella - Schottische (150 bpm)
  6. The Congress Of Vienna - Brassworks - Congress of Vienna (135 bpm)
  7. Warm Sand - Tina Dico - Rotary Waltz (172 bpm)
  8. Sharp Dressed Man - 8 1/2 Souvenirs - Swing (129 bpm)
  9. Brizgalna brizga - Atomik Harmonik - Polka (125 bpm)
  10. Satellite - Dave Matthews Band - Cross-Step Waltz (125 bpm)
  11. Entremediu - Hevia - Rotary Waltz (152 bpm)

Site Header Photo - David Bedno

Description Tab Photo - Matt Rollefson

Code of conduct: EBW is a welcoming and friendly place to dance, and to learn to dance. We do not tolerate any form of sexual harassment, discrimination, or violence. In the unlikely event that such unpleasantness should happen, please contact the DJ, teacher, or person at the door, and we will gladly deal with the issue as soon as possible.